Questionable Choices: Lana Del Rey’s Bedazzled Tooth Bling

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Lana Del Rey tooth bling wtfLana Del Rey is obviously trying anything to keep the media from dwelling on her disastrous, underprepared debut on Saturday Night Live in January. But why you would court trouble with something like this is beyond us. Lana was photographed in LA last night sporting a bedazzled tooth cap on her right canine for no real reason.

According to Us, Lana likes the mini-bling as an accessory and doesn't actually have bad teeth; this is her second, after a matte gold one she used to wear. That's right: She does this as a fashion statement.

A fashion statement for a free performance, no less. She and Ben Kweller (remember him?) are the musicians performing at Amoeba Records in LA this week, following a charity auction. Yeah, none of this makes sense.

Then again, she didn't bring the cap to SNL, so maybe she figures it's some sort of good luck charm and will keep her buoyed on the kind of internet hype that made everyone think such a green performer would bring down the house.

Thing is, Ke$ha already beat her to it, back in January:

Ke$ha gold tooth vs. Lana Del Rey silver tooth

At least it's distracted us from Lana's weird, surgically-enhanced lips, however briefly.