Does Lana Del Rey Have Sex With An Alligator In Her ‘Blue Jeans’ Music Video?

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Well, I never woke up this morning thinking that I would have to inquire about Lana Del Rey‘s reptilian sex preferences, but here I am, inquiring about that very thing.

Last night she premiered her music video for her song “Blue Jeans” off her album “Born to Die,” and it doesn't disappoint. But only because the Internet expects Lana Dey Rey to disappoint now. We expect her to fail and we expect her to be awkward, so when she does, it's a success!  Life is funny like that.

If you've watched The Ring and if you've ever gone to bed drunk, then you'll totally get the music video. Because it captures the black and white creepiness of The Ring with the nonsensicalness of a dream you have when you're half awake and half drunk.



Strangling hand.




Deep throating fingers.


Wet. Water.


You're following right? Great. Enjoy the video!