The Cliff Notes Guide To What’s Up With Lamar Odom Right Now

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Lamar Odom in New York July 2010There's been a lot of news about Lamar Odom in the last couple weeks or months…has anybody noticed that? It's like a blizzard of information, ranging from divorce to addiction to adultery to DUIs to mistresses. It's just…a lot. And because there's so much of it, it's almost impossible to keep track of everything, much less get to the bottom of what's real and what's a rumor.

So although this is a daunting task even for me, the world's premiere celebrity blogger, I'm ready to dedicate myself to it, in the name of the free exchange of information. From the internet to your doorstep. Although why you do all your reading on your own doorstep is beyond me. GET IN THE HOUSE.

But anyway, here are all the rumors all laid out as cleanly as possible, so you can decide what you believe and what you don't. Regardless, it's a lot to take in.


On a normal day, devoid of all rumors, Lamar is a husband and a basketball player. He has been married to Khloe Kardashian since September 2009 (after dating since August of 2009), and played for the following NBA teams: the Lost Angeles Clippers, the Miami Heat, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Clippers again.


In recent days, Lamar has had three women step forward with claims that they've carried on affairs with him. These are their stories. (Bum bum!)

Jennifer Richardson. The first woman to come forward, Jennifer is a twenty-nine year old brunette who says she met Lamar at a DC strip club, and with whom he was supposedly involved off-and-on for over a year. She believes that the Kardashian family knew about her.

Polina Polonsky. The second woman to share her story, Polina says that she first got  involved with Lamar this June, but that his marriage was already all but over. According to her, they were involved for six weeks starting on June 9th, and that she stayed with him at the Roosevelt Hotel in LA, and at the Vagabond Inn on June 13th, where Khloe showed up and screamed at her through the door. Polina said she was surprised to see her because she believed the relationship between her and Lamar was over.

Sandy Schultz. This is the third and final (so far) woman to say she was intimate with Lamar, but according to her, their relationship was the most enduring — ten years. Supposedly they met in 2003, at a nightclub, and for two years “dated solidly … and then on and off for seven years after that.” She says they were dating when he met Khloe in 2009, and that she didn't hear from him for a while after they got married. But in 2012, things started up again, and they spent two days in bed together in March, after which Lamar gave her an envelope with $800 in cash and disappeared. They allegedly haven't spoken since.

According to Radar Online, there are two more women as well, both of whom Khloe is aware of, but that they haven't been publicly named.


According to reports, Lamar is addicted to crack cocaine, and has been on a prolonged smoking binge since the breakup of his marriage to Khloe. Allegedly his NBA teammates have attempted to intervene on three occasions, but Lamar has been resistant to efforts. His self-proclaimed drug dealer claims that Lamar has spent over $50,000 on crack cocaine in the time that he's known him.


On August 30th, Lamar was pulled over in Los Angeles and charged with a DUI after driving in a ‘serpentine manner'. He refused a chemical test at the scene and posted his $15,000 bail, guaranteeing his release.


Lamar has admittedly struggled with drugs in the past, speaking about his marijuana use, and once failing two NBA drug tests within the same eight month period.

Last August, Lamar briefly checked into rehab for Oxycontin and Ambien at the urging of the Kardashian family, but left after three weeks and got deep into cocaine use.

Then, about a week ago, Lamar allegedly checked himself into rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, but stayed only one day this time before dropping off the radar. According to reports, he is not currently in touch with anyone from the Kardashian family.

And that, terrifyingly, is all we know right now.

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