In Effort To Stay Young Forever, Lady Gaga Dresses Like The NYU Freshman She Once Was

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Stop the presses, everyone! The notoriously wacky looking Lady Gaga has been spotted out and about during London Fashion Week in…an endangered snow leopard head dress? A coat of a thousand fetuses? An ironic coinskirt? Why no, she was dressed as…an NYU freshman running late for her first class. How very¬†innovative and novel.

What exactly is going on here? Well, in the course of reaching harder and harder for looks she hasn't tried before, I guess it was only a matter of time before she repeated one. Then again, this seems too perfect to be an accident. She's got the mousy hair color, messy bun, cutesy H&M skirt (that is probably in actuality YSL) and “conscious” cropped tee that say “I am going to nail this audition for Our Town if it's the last thing I do.” It's her first day at Tisch, all over again.

But what does this sartorial regression mean? Does Gaga long for her pre-fame days when being an underdog gave her something to work towards? Is she trying to look like a teenager because we live in a youth obsessed culture that considers 26-year-olds to be over the hill? Or has she simply moved on from her “fashion” phase to something so next level it cannot even be visually detected? One good thing about Lady Gaga is we can generally count on her to tell us. More than we ever wanted to know, even.

Photo: Pacific Coast News