Lady Gaga Made A Naked Video For Art, Pleasing Snobby Perverts Across The World

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Lady Gaga In Marina Abramovic Institute Kickstarter Video

Well, it’s official. Lady Gaga showed her hoo-ha. For art. That’s right. Gaga got completely naked for a Kickstarter video raising money for the Marina Abramovic Institute.

In case you need a little primer, Marina Abramovic is a performance artist who does things like sit in a chair and stare at museum goers. She’s loved dearly by the pretentious people who know what they’re talking about when it comes to art. Which obvs includes Miss Gaga herself. We already know she's a true artiste.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise a cool six hundred thou, $230,000 of which has already been raised. The money will go towards building an institute where Marina will be teaching the method Gaga does in the video, which is a series of exercises designed to heighten participants' awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment. Or scare the shit out of the person watching it.

So let’s discuss this video (below), shall we? The only sound you hear during the whole thing is Gaga letting out a long deep hard A sound. As in “Ey! I’m walking here!” but without the rest of the phrase.

And while she does that she also does, you know, art. Like lying on a yoga floor in a burn victim’s outfit. Or standing in a river in a Dharma Project jumpsuit with yellow spikes over your eyes. Or cradling a large crystal with her naked body in the fetal position.

First, Gags, thanks SO much for that spikes-over-eyes mask. Because I’ve been running out of images to have nightmares about? So that’s a really helpful new one. That will guarantee I wake up screaming with sweat running down my body… which DUH! Is exactly what you meant to happen! Um hello I’m making art and I didn’t even know it!

Also, a few questions while I have your attention.

  • Where did that huge crystal come from? Was it cold against your lady parts?
  • Did you get any ticks while walking naked in a field? Because I fear that for you. Please check for bullseye-shaped bites.
  • Did you get that spikey eye cover at Halloween Adventure? Because I am still not settled on my Halloween costume for this year and it’s now between you in this video and the guy who walked across the Grand Canyon in a tightrope. And it’s frankly leaning towards you because I don’t have any flair-bottomed jeans left in my closet.
  • You look really good naked. Sorry, more of a comment, less of a question.

Enough of my yammering. Do y'all wanna see some tit…ulating mind-body presence?!! Here she is in the flesh, LADY GAGA!! (Also, you might want to make sure your dog is out of the room. I have a feeling this would upset it.)