Kristen Wiig’s Awkward Style Phase Was Skinny Eyebrows And Short Hair

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Kristen Wiig is not the type to get stressed out about what she wears. “I think you start getting into trouble when you start thinking about what other people are going to say about your outfit,” says the actress/comedian. “I just try to wear what I think is me.” That’s not to say the star (who can be seen in the hilarious Bridesmaids, out on DVD/Blu-ray now with three hours of bonus extras) doesn’t care about style—she sure knows her designers. “I love Isabel Marant, Acne, Zac Posen and The Row,” she admits. (Not exactly a mall shopper, eh, Kristen?) Read on for more of this funny lady’s fashion faves.

How would you describe your style?

I’m definitely a casual person. I fantasize about being the woman who walks around the streets of New York in high heels, but that’s not me. I’m usually in flats or boots.

Have you ever tried to walk the street in heels?

I have, and then I just go home or get in a cab and change my shoes.

What are some of your favorite pieces?

My style is simple, with a touch of bohemian and rock and roll. I’m pretty much a jeans, T-shirt, maybe a leather jacket, slouchy sweater and boots kind of gal. I do like my big sweaters.

Have you bought any for fall?

I did get a couple. One of them is Chinti and Parker from London. I also have this loose tan cashmere sweater that I wear all the time. And Vince has amazing sweaters.

And what do you like for red carpet events?

I’ve been to probably less red carpet events then you think. I love J. Mendel, and again Zac Posen. Who else have I worn? I’ve worn Halston. I don’t usually wear a lot tight things from head to toe. I try to balance it. Like if I have tight pants I’ll usually wear a bigger shirt. Or, if it’s a dress, it usually drapes a little bit. Unless it's just like a super long thin fitted dress—those are also really pretty.

Tell us about your most awkward fashion phase.

When I was twenty I had really thin eyebrows. I also went through a super short hair phase. And I definitely went through my hippie phase.

What’s the best fashion advice you ever gotten?

The best fashion advice is that if you’re going to do something where you’re going to be photographed, take a picture of it. You can be convinced that something looks one way on you, but it looks completely different in a photograph. I’ve been convinced that “Oh my Gosh, this is the dress!” and then we take a picture of it and it doesn’t look right.

Do you ever try to stretch outside of your style comfort zone?

Yes. I love looking at fashion magazines and seeing what’s coming out and trying it. There are certain things, you know, like the ‘70s tucked blouses and the high-waisted pants that I love. I love the ’70s, the Halston look. That is my fashion decade.

Where do you shop?

I do a lot of shopping on Net-a-Porter, because I can just look at everything. But there is an Isabel Marant store by my house, so I get in trouble a lot.

Have you worn any horrible bridesmaids dresses?

I’ve been very lucky except for one. That was, oh god, I hope she doesn’t read this, it was very long black and white number with some…let me just say there were some crystals on it. I’ll leave it at that.

Whose style do you admire?

Maya Rudolph has amazing style. She’s the one that I call and say, “Alright, are there any new stores I need to go to?”

On the Bridesmaids note, what would your dream wedding dress look like?

I have no idea. I’m probably not going to get married anytime soon.

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