Live, Laugh, Links: I’d Love To Help You Out, But I’m Busy Today Being Obsessed With Kristen Wiig

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Apparently being selfish can be good for your relationship. Which is excellent news, because I've been doing that anyway. (The College Crush)

• Some feminist quotes from Kurt Cobain, just because. (The Frisky)

• Just in case you guys aren't already peeing your pants in excitement from Kristen Wiig being on the new Arrested Development episodes. (OK Gorgeous)

• Dreading moving back in with your parents after college? Here are some ways to make it a little easier. (Money Crashers)

• Happy Wednesday! Here's a depressing study on alcohol consumption to read before Happy Hour. (Ladyish)

• The 12 Types Of Man Every Woman Fantasizes About. (They're all Ryan Gosling.) (College Candy)

• Here's why you don't want to have sex with your husband. I have no idea why I don't want to have sex with mine. (Your Tango)

• If you don't think a bad relationship can kill you, you should probably catch up on the news about Oscar Pistorius. (Gurl)

• Upgrade your winter closet! No more grays and browns, you sloppy hobbit. (Betty Confidential)

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