Watch: Kristen Stewart And Craig Ferguson Had An Awkward-Off Last Night And I Don’t Know Who Won

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Kristen Stewart and Craig Ferguson engaged in some sort of ancient, competitive awkwardness ritual on The Late Late Show Last Night, when Kristen came on to plug her new movie, On The Road. My K-Stew awkwardness tolerance is actually pretty high, due to her existing in my world for four years already — the first Twilight movie came out in 2008, and she's been giving quality awkward realness ever since — but this interview is awkward enough that it still registers pretty strongly on my radar, so it's worth a look.

First of all, it starts out with Craig revealing that he doesn't like or watch Twilight. Excellently awkward way to begin an interview, Craig. Advantage Ferguson. She laughs it off, with bonus awkward points given for her bird-like posture in the chair as she rocks back and forth. Craig then doubles down on his points by asking questions like, “Have you ever been to Finland?” “Have you ever been to Scotland?” and “Have you ever met a tiger?” Excellently awkward interview skills; full points awarded. But Kristen is retaliating by misinterpreting a question by Craig. Let's take a closer look, this could be a photo finish:

Craig: “Would you do an animal movie? They say never do movies with animals.”

Kristen: “Um, yeah, I guess…I don't know if I…that might be a stretch for me. I don't know if I could play an animal.

Craig: No, no, you're not the animal!

Kristen: Oh! Right! No no no no no no no no I get it.

Yes Kristen, you do get it. When ‘it' is twenty awkward points. Basically, I don't want to spoil the whole contest for you, but there are some more seriously awkward moments. Craig is obsessed with the dancing scene from the clip he saw from On The Road and talks about his own excessive drug use in his past. But he also ultimately apologizes for being ‘stupid' about her movies, so he loses some awkward points and Kristen and her nervous laugh and sullen self get back in the game. I don't know, guys. It's a pretty close race, and it ends in a planned awkward silence. I'm not even qualified to judge this, you should probably watch for yourself.