This Kristen Stewart Commencement Speech Is The Best One You’ll Hear This Graduation Season

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Kristen Stewart Commencement Speech Spoof

Fine. I'll tell you right off the bat that this isn't really Kristen Stewart giving a commencement speech. It's Laura McDonald impersonating Kristen Stewart giving a commencement speech. But at this point her impression's so spot on that it's safe to say that it easily could be the real K.Stew. In fact, until Kristen Stewart denies it's not her via Twitter then we'll have to assume it could be her. What's that? K.Stew doesn't have Twitter? Well then, I guess we'll never know for sure who gave this speech.

Here's what we do know. We're in the thick of commencement season. Which means we're also in the thick of celebrities thinking that they're full of great advice. JUST FULL OF IT. While some of them do manage to give incredibly motivational speeches that inspire all of us to go out and be better people (or think about being better people, or even think about just going out in general, you know, brushing our hair and putting on clothes and all that jazz), other celebrities just talk about themselves, throw in phrases like “you can do it!” and pat themselves on the back for being heroes.

And that's why this video's extra awesome. It captures the ridiculousness of celebrity commencement speeches as well as K.Stew's signature awkwardness — and it does it all in exactly three minutes and one second. While that's one second more than my attention span usually allows, I let it pass for this one.

While everything else on the Interweb gets old after a while, Laura McDonald's Kristen Stewart impression never ceases to make me laugh. It's at the point now where she's not just imitating K.Stew but just straight up making up this character that's so incredibly awkward and funny and incoherent that I can't help but be obsessed  Similar to Elaine Carroll's Mary-Kate Olsen series, she takes this person that we barely know and turns her into somehow we would never want to meet — but we somehow can't stop watching. It's amazing and I love it and you will too.