This Kristen Chenoweth Video Will Make Your Cheeks Hurt From Smiling Too Hard

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Kristen Chenoweth and Sarah Horn singing 'For Good' together at Hollywood Bowl August 2013Alright you guys, I think I'm finally caught up on all the drama from the MTV VMAs last night, so I can finally write about some stuff that I'm actually interested in. It may not be Miley Cyrus making stage-babies with Robin Thicke or Chris Kirkpatrick failing to vanish back into obscurity the stage after his reunion with ‘NSync, but I found a really fun video that I think you'll enjoy.

And when I say ‘I found it', what I really mean is that the internet found it and washed it up on my shores, and now I'm reaping the benefits. It was taken at a Kristen Chenoweth concert at Hollywood Bowl last Friday night, during a time when Kristen always brings an audience member onstage with her to sing the duet ‘For Good' from Wicked, for which she originated the character of Glinda. (You know, in case you're not as aware of 2003 Broadway lore as I am.)

Anyway, usually it's just a regular old human, but for this particular performance, she happened to pick out a woman named Sarah Horn, who's a music teacher from Southern California. And OH. GOD. DAMN. can she sing. You don't find out until about a minute and ten seconds into the video, because the first part is a solo by Kristen (love that ‘still me' line), but once Sarah starts singing her part, I dare your cheeks to not hurt from smiling and your skin not to break out in goosebumples. It's that great.

Doesn't she kill it? Isn't that amazing? Everything about it — the crowd response, Kristen's encouragement, how much joy you can see Sarah getting out of it. Ugh cripes, I love it so much. She's so good, in fact, that a bunch of people were suspicious that she was a plant in the audience. But she put those rumors to rest with a written statement published by Broadway World:

“Toward the end of the second half of the performance, Kristin wanders on to the pasarel. She held a mic up to a lady in front of me and asked if she knew the song “For Good.” Nope. I took the chance, as I was directly behind Kristin, to stand up and wave and say, “I know the song!” This is not like me – to jump up and wave my arms like a crazy person and raise my voice at a celebrity. One of Kristin's backup singers held a mic up to my face so I could answer some questions: “What's you're name?” – “Sarah.” “Who's your favorite Broadway star?” I sarcastically hummm as if it's a difficult question to answer. “Do you know the song ‘For Good'?” – “Yes. It's one of my favorites.” This seemed to peak (sic) her interest. After this, she moved down the line and asked a guy if he knew the song and bantered with him for a few seconds. Afterwards, she said something about going back to pick me because I was a girl. Then, she invited me up on stage.”

Could this all be a cruel ruse to make my heart happy and then dash my hopes to pieces? Absolutely. But I'd much rather imagine that it's exactly what it seems, and exactly as wonderful as I think it is. Now please excuse me as I watch it ten more times. OUCH MY HEART.