Kristen Bell Hopes Her Daughter Likes Disney Movies, Which Is All Any Of Us Can Hope For Our Kids

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Kristen Bell at the Invisible Children The Fourth Estate Summit August 2013

Wow, the celebrities are really making me crave some Disney movies today. First Kerry Washington increased her existing flawlessness tenfold by singing a Disney song with Jordin Sparks, and now Kristen Bell is gushing adorably about her baby daughter some more and adding Disney into the mix. Please excuse me while I go queue up my Disney Pandora station, which — I'm not lying — is an actual station I created years ago especially for moments like this. I'm sure Kristen Bell would enjoy listening to it, because she's a Disney fan herself. She's even the voice of a new Disney princess named Anna in Frozen, a movie which inspired quite a heated debate among Crushable commenters last month. Kristen told Us Weekly all about her obsession with the genre.

“They were the first movies I remember being obsessed with as a kid. I've seen the Little Mermaid 100 times, I've seen Aladdin 100 times. And I can quote all of them!” the bubbly new mom confirmed. “Just the idea that I'm actually involved in one and had creative input on who I wanted this girl to be is a dream come true.”

It just makes so much sense that Kristen would love Disney movies. Disney movies are awesome, hence awesome people watch them. If you don't know that Ariel owns 20 thingamabobs, what are you even doing with your life? Kristen knows this, which is why she hopes beyond hope that her daughter Lincoln Bell Shepard likes those movies too, especially the one she stars in.

“I hope she likes it! Just my luck she'll hate cartoons or something!” Bell jokes to Us. “I feel so lucky I get to pass this down to her one day.”

Umm, duh. Kristen doesn't want Lincoln going about her provincial life getting called “a most peculiar mademoiselle” by the people she runs into because she doesn't know the difference between Pain and Panic. This is the reason I'm afraid to have children. But you know what I do love? That you can tell Kristen would be totally okay with Lincoln being a most peculiar mademoiselle, as long as that's what she wants. She doesn't say her daughter will like those movies no matter what, but she hopes she does. And I bet she'll support little Lincoln whether she likes Disney movies or not. But she'll totally like them, because helloooo, her mom's a Disney princess. That's like the ultimate schoolyard street cred, even more than being able to get the straw into the Capri Sun on the first poke.

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