Kourtney Kardashian’s New Daughter’s Name Makes Her Sound Like A Tween Crimesolver

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Kourtney Kardashian s New Daughter s Name Makes Her Sound Like A Tween Crimesolver Kardashians 640x494 jpgKourtney Kardashian  and Scott Disick‘s newest addition was born yesterday in Los Angeles, and her name is…drumroll please…

Penelope Scotland.

It’s a cute name, and I’m sure an even cuter baby, but for some reason my brain won’t stop making the connection to ‘Encyclopedia Brown’, the boy detective from those stories I read when I was a kid. I want Encyclopedia Brown and Penelope Scotland to be part of a tween crime-solving duo that takes on cases like The Mystery Of The Late Lunch Bell and The Case Of The Missing Gym Shorts. And maybe down the line, when Penelope grows up and they’re both the same age (because that can happen in books), maybe a romance will blossom and our two crime-fighters will hold hands in the cafeteria while they share a tunafish sandwich and a juice box.

Ze wee bebe was born early Sunday morning and weighed 7-pounds, 14-ounces, and Kourtney opted to do an all-natural birth. Honestly, she’s some kind of superwoman. I don’t know if you saw the footage from when she had Mason, but she like…didn’t even make a sound. At one point she just reached down and pulled the baby out. No joke. It was horrifying and impressive at the same time. It sounds like that situation may have repeated itself, because Kourtney’s mom Kris Jenner commented, “It was great. She had an easy delivery.” As for whether Penelope’s birth will be featured Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott and Kourtney are still on the fence, with Kourtney commenting:

“We’re gonna film it again ourselves, and honestly, my experience last time was so peaceful and calm and everything you don’t see in the movies. And I really wanted to share that with people so they knew it doesn’t have to be a crazy screaming session.”

Well for some people it does. For me I feel like it definitely would. I will be screaming my head off. But at least I can rest a little easier knowing there’s a new child detective on the scene who can help me rescue my kitten from the top of that very tall tree.