Kimye Named Their Son Saint West, And Here’s The Dumb Reason For It

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Kimye Named Their Son Saint West  and Here s the Dumb Reason for It Kimye jpg

Welp, we finally know the name of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s newborn baby son. They didn’t name him South West or Easton West or even Wild West. Instead, they went in a more spiritual direction and named him Saint West. Because of course they did. What else do you expect from Yeezus himself?

You might be wondering what reason Kim and Kanye had for choosing such a moniker. You know, other than raging narcissism. E! News may have an answer for you. A source revealed to them the inspiration behind Saint’s name, and it’s just as dumb as the inspiration behind North West, so buckle your seat belts and get ready for an epic eye roll. Here’s what E! has to say about it:

Our insider shared that Saint was picked since it’s akin to saying he is “a blessing,” especially “because she had such a difficult pregnancy.”

I shouldn’t have to say this, but all children are blessings. Unless they’re the spawn of Satan or Sid from Toy Story (same difference). But most parents recognize what a blessing their child is by telling them so or writing “He’s such a blessing!” on Facebook birth announcements, not by naming their child Saint. And anyway, if he’s such a blessing, why not just name him Blessing? Oh right, because that wouldn’t sound as self-aggrandizing.

The second part of that explanation doesn’t make much sense to me either, since Saint was kind of the very reason Kim had a difficult pregnancy in the first place. It just doesn’t make sense for Kim to be like, “Ugh, carrying you was hell and I hated it. What a blessing you are!” Come to think of it, maybe she should have just named the kid Ugh. Then whenever we talked about this family, the groan would be built in and we wouldn’t have to waste time with it.

To be honest, I’m mostly just disappointed that Saint’s middle name isn’t Nick.

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