This Outfit Proves Once And For All That Kim Kardashian Needs To Stop Letting Kanye Dress Her

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This Outfit Proves Once And For All That Kim Kardashian Needs To Stop Letting Kanye Dress Her Kim Kardashian and Kanye West New York Fashion Week September 2015 jpg

Kim Kardashian has been wearing some very interesting outfits lately. For example, there was that black leather-and-velvet ensemble she sported the other day that made me sweat just looking at it. Then last night, while attending New York Fashion Week with her husband Kanye West, she wore the outfit depicted above. I know I’m not alone when I say I think it’s time for her to stop letting Kanye be her stylist.

I say this not only because Kim has spoken in the past about Kanye’s involvement in her fashion choices (and by involvement I mean demands), but also because this outfit was partly designed by Kanye himself. Kim shared photos of the look on Instagram, captioning a full-body shot with “TONIGHT- GIVENCHY X YEEZY.” That suggests that Kanye collaborated with Givenchy for her look. Elle points out that Kim also posted a close-up of her over-the-knee boots with the caption “SNEAK PEEK- YEEZY SEASON2.” So it’s likely that Kanye’s contribution was the boots.

What a coincidence, that’s my least favorite part of the outfit! I’ll never understand the point of covering most of your leg in boot but then leaving a tiny opening for your toes to peek out. I’ll also never understand wearing boots to begin with when it’s summer in New York City. Sure, there’s that slit up the side of the skirt, but that’s kind of like the sheer top she wore with her leather look. Is it really doing that much?

And speaking of the rest of the look (which I’m sure Kanye had at least some say in putting together), it looks like Kim’s still going with the “hide your belly and pretend you’re not pregnant” style of maternity wear. We know it’s under there, Kim. No amount of strategically placed ruffles is going to change that. Neither is wearing one color from head to toe.

(Photo: James Devaney/GC Images)