Kim Kardashian’s Latest Selfie Reveals She May Lead A Double Life As A Mime

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It's no secret that the Kardashians love their makeup, especially Kim Kardashian.  She loves it so much she even piles it on when she's having fun pretending to be a lowly, regular human.  Thanks to Instagram, we know she wakes up with a full set of lashes, lip gloss, and the perfect cheekbone contour shade.  In my mind, she wakes up each morning and Cinderella's entire team of mice and birds get her ready before she goes into North's nursery palace.

Anyway, Kim shared the following photo on Instagram last night, which is the closest she'll probably ever come to sharing a no makeup, non-posed, non-Photoshopped photo with the world.

Does she double as a mime on the weekends or something? Does any human need that amount of contouring on a regular basis?  I mean I know the Kardashians are currently embroiled in a makeup lawsuit, but I didn't think things were so dire that she needed to take up a part-time gig performing inside an invisible box.  She captioned the photo “Another glam day with @joycebonelli ….how do I look? LOL” but I'm guessing the hidden meaning there is “hey look it takes all of this and more to make me look so amazing every day, so don't feel bad.”

Okay, so that's probably not what she meant. But even if Kim Kardashian is contemplating a career in the circus or street performing, it kind of made me feel better about using the same Cover Girl powder since 8th grade and not much more than that.  Wait, does this mean I need to start sculpting my face?

(GIF: Tumblr)