Live, Laugh, Links: Kim Kardashian Just Pissed Off The Wrong Lady Gaga…Also The Only Lady Gaga

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• 15 Lessons Penguins Taught Me About True Love. The secret is eating a lot of cold fish together and never learning to fly. (Your Tango)

Kim Kardashian better watch her back, because she just stole a designer from the injured Lady Gaga. Better hope she doesn't hold grudges. (Hollywood Hiccups)

• Here are some suggestions of who Rachel McAdams should date now that she and Michael Sheen have broken up. (College Candy)

• No, Ryan Gosling didn't lose your number — here are 21 Reasons He Didn't Call. (Ladyish)

• You guys wanted to see Kimye having sex on a magazine cover, right? (OK Gorgeous)

• Don't let yourself get played like Miley Cyrus is getting played by Liam Hemsworth! How to deal with your own cheating rumors. (Gurl)

• Buying a huge mansion in the Hollywood Hills like a celebrity? Well neither am I, but you should still get a C.L.U.E. report! (Money Crashers)

Jared Leto got a tattoo for Twitter, so that's totally normal I guess. (The Frisky)

• How To Get Your Shit Together, Week One. Wait…you're telling me it takes more than one week?!? I'm out. (The College Crush)

• Five Oscar looks you can actually wear. Tuxes not included. (Betty Confidential)

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