We May Not Know Kimye’s Son’s First Name, But We May Know His Middle Name

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We May Not Know Kimye s Son s First Name  but We May Know His Middle Name Kim Kardashian Kanye West jpg

Where were you when you found out Kim Kardashian had given birth? Were you innocently scrolling your Twitter feed Saturday morning when suddenly you saw Kim’s tweet about it? Did your BFF wake you up with 50 excited texts? Did a carrier pigeon fly through your window to deliver the message? Or did you make it through almost the entire weekend in blissful ignorance of the new baby’s existence? Somehow, I managed the last one. It was nice while it lasted.

Kim’s son was born Saturday morning, but she and Kanye West have yet to announce a name. In fact, E! News reports that they haven’t even decided on one yet. However, while the first name is up in the air, we may already know the baby’s middle name. That is, if you believe Us Weekly‘s sources. But at this point, you could tell me the kid’s name is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and I’d probably believe you.

According to this “insider,” Kim is planning to honor her late father with her son’s middle name:

“I know they were doing Robert for the middle name in honor of her father.”

I’m much more likely to believe that Kimye would use Robert as a middle name than a first name. For one, Robert is just way too normal a name to belong to the brother of North West. Second of all, Kim’s brother already has that name. (Although it would be #classicRob for him to have his name stolen by his nephew.)

The only thing that makes me uncertain about this rumor is that North doesn’t have a middle name. They could have very well named her North Donda West, in honor of Kanye’s late mother. In fact, Donda was one of the possible names floating around before the couple made the official announcement. It just seems unusual that they’d pay tribute to Kim’s father but not Kanye’s mother.

Either way, my money’s still on South for the first name. Kim can’t fool me.

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