Khloe and Lamar’s Most Memorable Quotes: Socks and Handcuffs

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All right Khlovers (let’s face it, she’s everybody’s favorite sister), this week on Khloe and Lamar, there were no sex swings or crushed up pills in tea. This episode is all about butting heads with loved ones.

When the episode starts, we learn that Rob wants to find his “calling.”

Rob: “After doing Dancing with the Stars, I realized that I could really do anything if I really put my mind to it.”

So he wants to start a sock business because just like any regular guy, he’s “passionate” about socks.

Lamar has a photo shoot, and then Khloe tells him how a photo shoot works and treats him like a little baby. Lamar goes to his photo shoot, and learns that Khloe has already called the photo shoot and tells the staff what time he needs to leave and when he needs to eat.

Khloe: “Lamar thinks I’m making him look like a baby, but I know Lamar. If he doesn’t eat, he’s gonna be cranky.”

Oh so this is what a healthy relationship is…

Khloe and Rob go to work out, and Khloe starts “knocking” Rob’s sock idea.

Rob: “My sisters are kind of living up to my dad’s expectations.”

I know every dad expects his daughter to make a sex tape…I guess I’m a failure of a daughter.

Khloe and Rob’s trainer: “You gotta look at it this way, everyone wears socks.”

Oh god and then Lamar is riding in a car with Jamie and both of them are making fun of Khloe. Why is Jamie even on this show? Let’s move on.

Lamar is “so clever” and handcuffs Khloe because he’s playing games with her or because they are unbreakable or some other reason that the producers came up with.

Rob is really getting his business rolling by designing socks and then having Khloe’s live-in BFF, Malika, model the socks for a photo shoot.

R: “This isn’t like my real photo shoot, this is just my portfolio”

Your portfolio is the name “Kardashian.”

Cut to Khloe and Lamar going to a dinner meeting for their new fragrance, STILL HANDCUFFED for all of you on the edge of your seat wondering where this storyline goes.

Khloe: “It is a little awkward trying to have a serious business meeting when you’re handcuffed to one another.”

I think it’s awkward that you think of your “business” as serious.

So Khloe starts complaining about the handcuffs and Lamar tells her to, “ease up, homie.”

Then something we don’t see very often happens. Khloe and Lamar fight.

K: “I take pride in letting my man be my man, and I had no idea that babying Lamar as I do makes him feel actually like I’m implying he’s a baby.

Isn’t that what babying is? Then they make up.

And so do Khloe and Rob because Khloe LOVED Rob’s photo shoot.

Khloe: “I’m proud of you. Gooo Rob!”

Ugh. I hope there are zero socks in next week's episode.

(Photo: Daily Mail)