Just A Video Of Kevin Jonas’ Baby Playing With A Stack Of Hundred Dollar Bills

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Alena Jonas holding money

If you've been wondering what Kevin and Danielle Jonas' baby daughter Alena has been up to since Danielle “gave birth” to her earlier this year, I'm pleased to inform you she's apparently been having a grand old time playing with money. So apparently all those jokes about rich kids getting hundred dollar bills to play with (Do people make those jokes? I feel like I've heard it at least once) are based in reality. Thanks so much to Alena's uncle Joe Jonas for enlightening us via Instagram.

Yesterday Joe posted the above photo of little Alena with her toy, captioning it “My niece Alena has expensive taste.” Then a little later he was generous enough to share a video of her play session, captioning it “#richbabiesofinstagram.” Oh my goodness, you guys, did you know that the Jonas family has lots of money from being famous? I never would have expected it. So glad Joe could remind us.

If you watched the video, you heard what song Joe chose to accompany it. It's “Hundred Dollar Bill” by Jay-Z from the Great Gatsby soundtrack. Thanks for being literal with us, Joe. I never would have understood how rich you are if you hadn't clarified with that song. I might have thought it was just a ten-dollar bill and I was seeing double.

Just to give you some context for how not-relatable this whole situation is, when I first watched this video, I wondered to myself whether or not that money was even real. That's how long it's been since I've personally seen a hundred-dollar bill. I thought, “That can't be real. Is that what it really looks like? Is that Monopoly money? Wait a minute, do they really make bills that big? And people have more than one of them in their possession at once?” Meanwhile, the Jonas baby is just crumpling a stack of the things between her tiny adorable baby fingers like it's nothing. What fun!

(Photo: Instagram)