Kerry Washington Is Pregnant, But The President Is Not The Father

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Kerry Washington Scandal SNL promo

Earlier this month, we played the classic baby bump or belly bloat game with Kerry Washington. And man oh man, do I feel bad for all the people who openly voted belly bloat…way to body shame a pregnant lady! According to a pal, a synonym for friend that's only ever used in the tabloids, the Scandal star's about four months along. Which means that she's has just about five months to figure out if this baby belongs to Jake Ballard or President Fitz. Or if she's even really pregnant.

You see, before we get too ahead of ourselves with this news, we have to wait for Kerry Washington to confirm the good news herself. It's usually considered polite to wait until the expectant mother announces her pregnancy before calling up Maury Povich and getting a paternity test done. Then again, some extremely well-respected doctors in the OB-GYN field say that Us Weekly's the next best thing to seeing someone's positive pregnancy test. So let's speculate! Is the father Fitz or Jake or her Nnamdi Asomugha, her real-life husband?

Honestly, we'll probably never know for sure. After all, this is the same woman who got married in a super-secret super-unscandalous ceremony this summer. Unlike other celebrities who say they hate the spotlight and then show up everywhere that the spotlight's known to be, Kerry Washington means what she says. The truth is that she could already have a bunch of kids at home and we'd have no idea. And honestly, that's what I love about her. She's a great actress and an even greater celebrity.

So congrats to her and her husband on their first (???) child!

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