Kendall And Kylie Jenner Took That Seventeen Magazine Job You Wanted

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So Kendall and Kylie Jenner announced today on their Celebuzz blog that they've been hired by Seventeen magazine as the newest West Coast fashion contributors. That sound you hear? It's the gnashing of teeth from millions of girls who would have killed to even just intern for the magazine, let alone be considered fashion authorities.

These girls live such charmed lives thanks to their older half-sister Kim‘s sex tape getting leaked years ago, and unbelievably they actually have solid heads on their shoulders compared to their more famous siblings. So really, no one needs to do them any favors. They have more money than they'll ever need from media appearances, their reality series, and whatever future projects momager Kris Jenner has lined up for them. Why give them a job when they don't need the money? Why not choose a young woman who has the credentials, experience, and most importantly the heart to take this job?

The answer, of course, is that it's Kylie and Kendall who are doing a favor for Seventeen, by adding their reality-TV clout to increase sales. It's like when Rachel Bilson became the Eyewear Ambassador for Sunglass Hut. But even though Kendall writes, “People always ask us for fashion and beauty tips,” don't they have stylists to advise them on their look? So it doesn't seem very genuine, anyway.

The only upside is that hopefully Kris won't force poor Kendall to do so many sexualized bikini photo shoots if she has more constructive things to be doing with her time.