The Jenner Girls Are Claiming Selena Gomez Was A Bad Influence On Them, So It’s On Now

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The tables have been calling me all day to say they’ve turned, because Kendall and Kylie Jenner are reportedly accusing Selena Gomez for being the bad influence on them. Which way is up and which way is down? And also is the sky still blue? My brain was completely unprepared for this information, so I’m not sure where I am right now.

It’s just that when Selena did that very dramatic unfollow of every single person in her life, and deleted all the photos of herself and the Jenners at Coachella, everyone was saying it was because she was ready to make a clean start. The implication was that people like Kendall, Kylie, and Justin Bieber were steering her in the wrong direction (presumably back toward rehab), so she had to kick them to the curb and get serious about her recovery.

But the more we hear about the situation, the more we’re supposed to believe that the situation was actually the exact opposite! According to TMZ, the Jenners are saying that Selena is the toxic one, with a source telling the website that Kendall and Kylie don’t do drugs or alcohol at all, and they see Selena as a melodramatic party girl. After all, Selena’s been to rehab, which is something the Jenners have never experienced. According to them, Selena had a ‘paranoid meltdown’ over Justin Bieber and those rumored texts he sent to one of the girls. Selena accused him of hitting on them, and things got heated between everybody.

Now we should all take that with a grain of salt, obviously, because the only person I can think of who would go on the record against the Jenner girls’ drug use and give an interview to TMZ goes by the name of Kris Jenner. Not saying it was definitely her, just that she’s a woman who knows her way around a leak through a spokesperson.

But regardless, it sounds like no one is especially bummed out about this friendship ending, which is good…given that it was only about FIFTEEN SECONDS LONG and took place almost exclusively at Coachella. Cripes you guys.