Love, Laugh, Links: Kelly Clarkson’s New Song Will Make T-Swift More Jealous Than Ever

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• Sex addiction apparently doesn't exist. I guess all those cheaters will have to come up with another excuse. (Your Tango)

• It's healthy to have a guy friend as long as your relationship doesn't become complicated. When does that not happen? (The College Crush)

• Playing hard to get is hard to do, but it might be the best way to attract that guy you're into. Give it a whirl with these tips! (Gurl)

• Leather is sexy even in skirt form. Check out Sandra Bullock's leather get-up. I'm SUPER jealous she pulls it off.  (The Frisky)

• We all want Sally Draper's style. More importantly, why can't I be Don Draper's next love interest on Mad Men?  (Betty Confidential)

• As much as I'd love to eat only foods that fight bloating, I love cheeseburgers too much. But here are some healthy options to trade the french fries for! (Chick Rx)

•  Well, I'm glad at least this dog is like me and will do anything for food. Hilarious video of a terrier doing tricks for grilled chicken (of course)! (Ladyish)

Kelly Clarkson's new song “Tie It Up” is about her future wedding and, even better, it's a country tune. Taylor Swift has got to be oh-so-jealous. (ET Online)

• Have you always wanted to have a quiet, romantic dinner in a Star Wars themed restaurant with your boyfriend? You totally can! Here are the nerdiest places to dine! (Flavorwire)

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