One Second We’re All ‘Wait, Kelly Clarkson Is Married?’, And The Next Second She’s Pregnant

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Kelly Clarkson receiving an award at the CMAs November 2013

Boy oh boy, celebrities these days really need to slooooow dooooown. I can't process all their life events as quickly as they expect me to. And we all know it should be celebrities' first priority to make sure bloggers like me can properly keep up. So obviously this new Kelly Clarkson news is stressing me out a bit. Kelly married her now-husband Brandon Blackstock last month, and now she's already pregnant. She announced the happy news on Twitter yesterday.


You may or may not be aware that only about a week ago, Kelly went on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and declared that she's really excited to have a baby. So excited that she clarified how excited she was by explaining that she and her husband were “trying trying, trying.” In case you missed middle school sex ed, that means Kelly and her husband were having a lot of sex. And apparently it paid off.

Although… I'm not one to speculate about celebrity babies' dates of conception (except when I am), but it's totally possible that she and Brandon were “trying, trying, trying” before they “tied it up.” No judgment, though. Jessica Simpson is physically incapable of getting married because her body keeps playing pranks on her and getting pregnant, so it's a good thing Kelly got those nuptials in under the wire.

This will be Kelly's first child and Brandon's third. He has two kids from a previous marriage. He also happens to be Reba McEntire's son. No word yet on if Reba knew about the “trying, trying, trying” stuff.

All snark aside, congratulations to Kelly and Brandon! With those pipes in the family, maybe their little bundle of joy will be a future American Idol, as announced twenty years from now by ageless robot Ryan Seacrest.

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