Questionable Choices: Katy Perry Goes Red, With Less Than Sexy Results

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Katy Perry has tried all different kinds of hair colors in addition to her signature Bettie Page black, but this one definitely suits her the least by far.

On the September cover of French fashion mag L'Officiel, Perry appears with a new red ‘do, and while she certainly looks pretty, I just don't think the color is working for her. The heavy, layerless cut reminds me of one of those doll wigs they sell at Halloween stores, and the color is not good, either. The orange she (and/or the stylist) chose is neither an obviously fake, edible-looking candy color (as is Perry's wont) nor does it look quite natural due to its garish hue and her dark eyebrows. This is a shame, because as far as I can tell, everything else about the editorial is great. It's shot and styled well, and Katy looks gorgeous despite that orange abomination.

Luckily for her, it looks like the hair is just a wig, and she should go back to her regular babely state once it's plucked from her head and returned to Halloween Adventure. But if she's really attached to it, perhaps she'll keep it through Halloween and use it as the basis for her Chucky costume.

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Photos: L'Officiel