Katy Perry Has Lost Whatever Brain-To-Mouth Filter She Once Had

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Katy Perry simply does not care anymore. Although she's never exactly been a picture of restraint, it seems like lately she's been more inclined that ever to shoot her mouth off about whatever she happens to be thinking, whenever she happens to think it, especially when what she's thinking is “stuff that will make her look bad.” Also: “stuff that will piss off Beyonce.”

In a recent interview with BBC One about her upcoming duet with Rihanna, Katy Perry threw some shade at Bey and Shakira, saying of her duet, “I want it to be like that Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin song ‘Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves,' not ‘Beautiful Liar.'” (‘Beautiful Liar' was Beyonce and Shakira's 2007 smash hit.)

Adding fuel to the flames within the context of this statement, she then talked about how they are taking their time with the song, because “How disappointed would you be if that song came out and it's no good? Sometimes you have to wait for greatness.” Actually, I won't be surprised at all if the song is not good, because none of Katy Perry's songs are good. But it's nice she has so much self-esteem.

There's also a report going around that the recently divorced pop star went nuts on a bride-to-be at a bachelorette party and shouted at her “don't do it! Don't get married!” So maybe she can spin this latest cycle of verbal diarrhea as some sort of “acting out due to heartbreak” problem, and just a “Katy Perry is an asshole” problem.

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