Katy Perry Dyed Her Hair ‘Slime Green,’ And It Looks A Lot Better Than It Sounds

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Katy Perry laugh


When someone describes her new hair color as “slime green,” it doesn't sound good. And that's why I wasn't very excited to see Katy Perry's new hair when I first heard the color. Okay, so I technically was excited, but not for any good reasons. I'm the kind of person who rubs her hands together in delight at the prospect of someone's hair looking like a disaster. Yes, I am horrible. But when I opened Katy's Instagram and saw the photo, I was confused at how much I didn't hate it. In fact, I kind of love it.

I'll let you check it out for yourself, and then maybe you'll join me in my confusion. Or not. You're your own person. You do you. Be yourself. Follow your dreams, etc.

The phrase “slime green” implies a lot of nasty, unattractive things. If you go the Nickelodeon slime route, you end up with an awful neon green. If it's a boogery kind of slime (and I apologize for using the word “boogery” this early in the morning), who knows what weird combination of greens it would be. On the other hand, could it be a toady kind of slime green? Long story short, I expected to look at this photo and feel the need to hold up a cross to protect myself from the hideousness.

But whad'ya know, it actually looks pretty awesome. At this point I think Katy's made a hair journey through the entire rainbow. I'm interested to know what it would look like without the bangs being dark, but I like that the color A.) is a pale pastely tone, and B.) contains multiple shades. And I also like that it's short and soft and has texture. And if anyone can pull something like this off, it's definitely Katy Perry. Bubbly pop stars can pull off weird hairstyles. I think it's written somewhere in the Bible, near the part that reveals Beyonce is God. But the pages are stuck together at that point so nobody's ever read it. Voila, I just proved I can bring any conversation around to Beyonce being God.