Love, Laugh, Links: Kate Moss’ Playboy Cover Has Finally Been Revealed

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 Teen Mom 3 was cancelled after just one season, which was a long time coming, I think. (The Stir)

• To everyone who's been dreaming of a (second?) Friday Night Lights movie, Taylor Kitsch is all, “nuh uh.” (The Frisky)

• Here are the 10 best debut novels of 2013. (Flavorwire)

• Ex-SNL cast member, Tim Meadows, ranted on Facebook that he'd never watch the show again because they didn't invite him back to do an old sketch. (HLN TV)

• Here's why I'm not too sure that Beyonce totally gets what veganism is. (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

• Fast & Furious fans can expect a new movie soon because they will continue to film the 7th movie following Paul Walker's, death. (Have U Heard)

Katy Perry says that her honesty about her relationships is what sets her apart from other celebrities. (Bustle)

• You haven't lived until you see this funny video of dogs who are scared to walk by the cat that they live with. So cute. (Gurl)

• Kate Moss' Playboy cover has finally been released, after ages of teasers. (Your Tango)

• 8 celebs who went through breakups in 2013 who I'd like to date. (Pop Hangover)

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