Live, Laugh, Links: Go On Dates Every Week And Guarantee Yourself The Man of Your Dreams

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• The quickest way to find love is to go on at least two dates per week. That's a lot of free Chipolte!  (Your Tango)

• Technology complicates relationships? Huh, I had no idea. I better stop Facebook creeping on that guy who lives next door. (College Crush)

• According to Robert Cavalli, Kate Middleton needs to be “sexy.”  Pregnant ladies can be sexy too, I guess! (The Frisky)

• Regret hooking up with that guy you hardly know or don't even like? No worries! Move on and let it go with these tips! (Gurl)

• Use accessories to change up your look when you're in a bind or have a hot date you forgot about.  (Money Crashers)

Pippa Middleton is a new contributing editor for Vanity Fair? I guess even the sister of a princess has her dreams come true. (Betty Confidential)

• Stalking celebrity kids always makes me smile, especially when their super hot dads push them around in strollers.   (ET Online)

• Honestly, I think it's hilarious when stars go nuts. I wish we could all pull a Britney Spears when we're stressed. I know I at least would feel much better. (Ok Gorgeous)

• We could all probably use a step by step guide for improving our posture. So here's some tips to keep you from slouching! (Chick Rx)

•  If you meet your future husband, you are apparently both adventurous. More like sketchy.  (Ladyish)

• Television show clothing lines? AWESOME. I'd like to purchase every single outfit Emily Thorne wears on Revenge even though she scares me. (Cosmopolitan)

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