Kate McKinnon Spoofs Girls Falling Down In Romantic Comedies, Need I Say More?

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Kate McKinnon falling elevator

This video features two of my favorite things all rolled into one: Kate McKinnon and making fun of romantic comedies. It's a fake movie trailer from the folks at Above Average titled “Falling For You.” That's an appropriate title considering I've been falling for Kate McKinnon since she stepped onto the SNL stage last year. My love grew stronger when I saw her impersonate Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen's show, and now I'm just fully obsessed with her.

If you're obsessed with her too, you'll love this video. If you're not already obsessed with her, first of all, get with the program. Second of all, you'll be obsessed with her after you watch this. It co-stars Zachary Levi and Kate's SNL co-star Aidy Bryant and basically spoofs the romantic comedy trope that heroines are always falling down. It's usually in a cute, clumsy way where their handbag swings around and their hair falls sexily in their face and they make an adorably flustered expression before landing in the arms of a handsome man. Because rom-com heroines are total messes, but the cute kind that you want to take home to mom, not the kind that you look at and go, “What's wrong with you? I think you might need to see a therapist.”

But the funny part about this video is that Kate's character doesn't just fall down once or twice. She falls down all the time. It's kind of her thing, and it's also kind of a problem. The parody's pitch perfect as is, but when it's Kate McKinnon doing the falling, out of elevators and in the middle of a break room while she's just standing in place, it's even pitchier perfect. Pitch perfecter? Whatever, just watch it below.

(GIF: Tumblr)