Love, Laugh, Links: The Cost of the Kardashian Christmas Card Will Make You Weep

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• The actual craziest thing about the Kardashian Christmas card is how much it cost to make. (The Stir)

• Poor children of the parents who are planning to name their kid after Duck Dynasty stars. It's a trend, you guys. As in, many people are planning to do this. (The Frisky)

• 12 delightful gifts for the cat lover who also loves a little bit of cultural enrichment, too. (Flavorwire)

• Remembering all of the celebs we tragically lost this year. (HLN TV)

• Jennifer Garner is reportedly afraid that Ben Affleck will cheat on her with his new costar in Batman vs. Superman. (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

• Sharon Osbourne dissed her brother on Facebook and now she… fears for her life? Whoa, that escalated quickly. (Have U Heard)

• Jay Z and Beyonce announced that they're starting a vegan lifestyle, which is a weird thing to announce, I feel like. (Bustle)

• 12 moments from Boy Meets World that changed my life. (Gurl)

• Khloe Kardashian discusses moving on from her (ex?) husband, Lamar Odom. (Your Tango)

• Here's the real Walter White's story. Which is weird, because I didn't even know that Breaking Bad was based on a true story. (Pop Hangover)

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