Love, Laugh, Links: Did Anyone Know That Mark Wahlberg And Leo DiCaprio Were In A Feud?

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• Rachel Zoe wore stiletto boots while 9 months pregnant and I don't understand it one bit. (The Stir)

• Someone made a supercut of Gordon Ramsay videos so that it sounds like he's giving us sex tips and I think I'm obsessed with it. (The Frisky)

• Stereotyping you by your favorite movie of 2013. (Flavorwire)

• The Ohio police chief blasted Kanye West for comparing going to war with rapping. Guess Kanye never learned a lesson from Tom Cruise's similarly stupid statement. (HLN TV)

• Madonna reportedly wants to recruit Harry Styles for her boy toy collection. V-o-m. (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

• As it turns out, Mark Wahlberg had a feud with Leonardo DiCaprio. Hm, good to know. (Have U Heard)

• Here's why Beyonce's clever album release is groundbreaking. (Bustle)

• 13 important things we learned about sex in 2013. (Gurl)

• These awkward family photos are funny on their own, but when you pay close attention to their pets, they become 100 times funnier. (Pop Hangover)

• 25 things you never knew about Sex and the City. (Your Tango)

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