North and Saint Were Creative Consultants on Kanye West’s Album, What Did You Ever Do as a Baby?

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Is this a consultation session?

In the midst of Kanye West's increasingly nonsensical Twitter rants about everything from Bill Cosby to Taylor Swift to his $53 million in debt comes the news that two of the credited creative consultants on his new album The Life of Pablo (the first two listed, in fact) are his daughter North West, 2, and his son Saint West, 2 months. Did you have a creative consultant credit on a major rap album when you were that age? No? You were just crapping your pants and watching cartoons, right? That's what I thought.

When you think about it, it makes sense for Kanye to have consulted literal children when making his album. After all, he himself labeled his childish behavior as his “terrible twos,” proving that he, like Justin Bieber, is just a toddler in adult's clothing. (That's why his shirts are so big.) So obviously he would trust a child's opinion over an adult's. What do you think Saint's thoughts about that Taylor Swift lyric were? Did he respond with an adorable baby laugh, a piercing baby shriek, or a little bit of spit-up? My money's on the spit-up, since that was my reaction too.

Perhaps my favorite part of this whole thing is that Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian, gets no credit. One of his kids can't even speak yet, and the other one is probably still at the “pasketti” stage of pronunciation, and they were still more instrumental to Kanye's creative process than his own wife. This just further confirms my suspicion that Kanye and Kim have never participated in a two-way conversation with each other. Remember when Kim said the first person she talks to during the day is Kanye, but the first person she has a “real conversation” with is North?

And while we're at it, where's Seth Rogen's credit? He listened to Kanye rap his whole album in a van that one time. Doesn't that warrant at least a thank you?

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