Kanye West’s $120 Shirt Isn’t As Offensive As These 7 More Expensive Celeb Items

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Kanye West The Angel Ball 2012 Cipriani Wall Street October 22 2012 New York City NY

The internets were lousy this week with people legitimately questioning Kanye West's sanity after he revealed his new plain cotton t-shirt that costs 120 whole American dollars. While it's (extremely) fun to laugh at Kanye's antics, I'm guessing that everyone's just chosen to forget that celebrities generally tend to get a kick out of charging insane amounts for really basic things. As a matter of fact, after reflecting back on the (very long) list of celebrity clothing lines, I thought that it would be super beneficial to everyone if we gathered 'round and reminisced about the grossly overpriced items attached to our beloved celebs. They really do know how to swindle a dollar or three hundred out of us, don't they?

So without further ado, here are the 7 most ballsy attempts at stealing our money, in order from least ambitious to most.

1. Lindsay Lohan — Mr. President Leggings

Lindsay Lohan Holla


Remember that time when pre-cheek implants LiLo sold her leggings for $132? Ignoring the fact that I think that she may have chosen that number randomly, does she know that $132 is a lot of dollars? Especially when the only thing special about said leggings is that they have a puffy knee-pad on each leg. Actually, I think she should've discounted them as an apology for the knee-pads.

2. Rihanna — Oversized Denim Jacket

Rihanna Oh My God


Rihanna's been working really super extremely hard on her new clothing line, which includes an average denim jacket for $150. First of all, how dare you, Rihanna. Why would someone pay extra for a very large women's jacket when they can just buy a (much cheaper) mid-sized men's jacket? There is no second of all because I don't understand how language works.

3. Whitney Port — Shorts Blur White Dot

Whitney Port Wasted


No, nope, not spending $195 plus tax on plain white shorts whose name sounds like someone picked a handful of random nouns out of a hat. Thanks, girl. But, you know, no thanks.

4. Katie Holmes — Holmes Tank

Katie Holmes Strap Falling Down


Once upon a time, a doe-eyed girl named Katie dreamt that she would peddle a plain tank for just under $250, name it after herself and sit back as she and her daughter swam in piles of cash in their living room. Then she woke up and made that dream a reality, even if the piles of cash probably had nothing to do with the insanely-priced tank top.

5. Nicole Richie — Fringe Cardigan

Nicole Richie Hair Flip


You may not know this, but Nicole played one of the least-noticed practical jokes on the world when she sold an almost $300 cardigan that is probably exclusively bought by librarians and TV's Blossom. And she would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids (me)!

6. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen — The Rander Pants

Olsen Twins Dancing On Ellen Mary Kate Ashley


Have you ever been shopping for a pair of modest work-appropriate pants made of a jersey material that cost no less that $820? If your answer is anything except, “obv not,” please give me some of your riches because I am a poor college kid. MK&A eventually discounted these pants nearly 50%, as they realized that most people don't become millionaires before they hit puberty (or ever).

7. Victoria Beckham — Classic Aviator

Victoria Beckham Fierce


Posh Spice, you naive little sweetheart. I know that you meant only the best when you provided the world with super stylish sunglasses that cost $850. I know that that may not seem like a ton to you but it really is, especially for an accessory that will, on the third wear, be buried under sand at the beach and never seen again.

I hope you've never wasted your money on these items. But in the event that you have, feel free to donate them to my neighborhood Buffalo Exchange, where I will be able to buy them for about 1/100 of what you bought them for. Pay it forward, you know?

(Lead Photo: Rob Rich/WENN)