Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: Justin Bieber Lookalike Pranks Fans

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Justin Bieber lookalike pranks Boston July 2013Good afternoon you busy little bumblebees. I know you're probably neck-deep in work after gorging on Crushable posts all day, but I have one more for you and then you can go home. So yeah, put down your magnifying glass and stop trying to crack the case of Benedict Cumberbatch‘s new girlfriend (because I already solved it), and stop cleansing and start eating solid foods again in advance of your Vogue cover (you'll never be more glowing than Katy Perry, and also you don't have a Vogue cover, you ignoramus).

It's been a long day of extremely varied news that's undoubtedly kept your brain hopping back and forth from topic to topic, so put yourself on cruise control for a second and just laugh at something dumb, with Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day. And guys! What's more dumb than Justin Bieber? Answer: nothing.

Today's funny video involves a Bieber lookalike dressing up like the star and running around in the middle of a bunch of Beliebers before a concert. And hey, remember before when I said nothing was dumber than Justin Bieber? Well that was kind of a lie, because it turns out that some of his fans are. Yowzers.

Jeremy Frost is a member of the comedy group Three Amigos, and he's frequently told he looks like Bieber (which is further proof that JB looks like a tiny boy-man, because at sixteen, Jeremy is three years younger than Justin), so he dressed up in a tank top, hoodie, sunglasses, and oversized baseball hat, and went loping out into a crowd of fans, who quickly called him out as the impostor he was! Just kidding, they totally didn't do that. Instead they all just stood around and took pictures and let him kiss them on their cheeks. Oh well. Better luck next time, kid detectives!