Beliebers Are Boycotting Justin Bieber For Dating Selena Gomez, So Start The Slow Clap

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I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually proud of Justin Bieber‘s fan base, the Beliebers. Usually they restrict their activities to yelling at me for suggesting he's an arrogant little shyster, but today they're boycotting Justin for re-dating Selena Gomez, and I couldn't be prouder.

I feel like my little Belieber babies are all grown up all of a sudden! And it only took like…twenty-four months of bad behavior on Justin's part! They didn't abandon him when he peed in a bucket or egged a house or got arrested for assault or DUI, but what was the final straw? Him getting back together with his ex-girlfriend and paying less attention to them. Just like everyone predicted when we asked what it would take for Justin's fans to abandon him!

Ever since Justin and Selena have been spending time together again, apparently he's been giving his fans a little bit of the cold shoulder, and they are NOT down with that. So they've apparently decided to give him a taste of his own medicine, by starting the hashtag #ignorejustinproject on Twitter. You might wonder whether someone with fifty-two million followers will notice if some small percentage of those followers just…start tweeting at him less, but don't actually unfollow him. I wondered that myself, but then I stopped wondering, because these are baby steps we're taking, and I'm grateful for each and every one of them.

Especially because only a teensy-tiny proportion of his fans are actually ignoring Justin. The majority of them are either continuing on as normal or starting rival hashtags like #supportjustinproject and #ilovejustinproject. Sigh. Well, agreeing with Beliebers was fun while it lasted! (All thirty seconds of it.)