Judy Greer, Kate Beckinsale And Andrea Savage Are All About Republicans Being In Their Vaginas

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Republicans are kinda obsessing over vaginas this year. Every other time you check the news, they're finding new ways to play republi-gyno, the fun new game where they make up irrelevant laws about what can go in and come out of your vagina. It's like waking up to a surprise birthday party thrown by all your archenemies every single day. What fun! What sorrow!

While some actresses in Hollywood are against this great new interactive game (that's probably going to be developed into a mobile app any second), three actresses are standing up for what they believe in. Or what men think they should believe. It's really all the same thing because technically speaking a woman should probably only think what a man thinks, you know?

So Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage teamed up to make this hilarious (and sad in a “oh that's based on truth” kind of way) Funny or Die video called Republicans, Get in My Vagina. Because let's just cut to the chase. Being able to directly manage a woman's vagina is the only way to really win republi-gyno.