Josh Hutcherson Is Adorable As Lil’ Peanut + 4 More SNL Sketches That Made Us Laugh This Week

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Josh Hutcherson SNL 11-23-13

I think Josh Hutcherson set a record for “Most Adorable Host Of All Time” last night on SNL, you guys.  Now I know this is something we already knew, but he's just so cute! I don't mean that to sound as condescending or as patronizing as it probably does, he just… is.  He's just a sweet, happy guy who had a lot of fun last night.  And that's always fun to watch, no?

I know he's my little sister's age and, height-wise, I could probably rest my chin on top of his head, but I don't care.  I'm attracted to him. I don't care who you are, I dare you to watch the clips below and not completely agree with me.

1. Opening Monologue
All I needed to hear was “Kate McKinnon in an Effie Trinket costume” and I was pretty much sold on this entire episode already.

2. Girlfriends Talk Show
If a regular cast member could win SNL every week, this week's winner would be Aidy Bryant.  Her “Morgan” character is so cringe-worthy she shouldn't be hilarious.   But she's both, and it's awesome.  So good, in fact, that  “I think I reached womanhood right now.”

3. Office Boss
Okay, I was really impressed with the idea of a grown, competent man with baby mannerisms.  I don't know if it's because SNL has migrated away from physical comedy during the last few years, or if it was simply just well done.  But I do know I need to see this character in more regular life situations/sketches.

4. Matchbox 3
Omg, Josh Hutcherson as “Lil' Peanut” was adorable.  That haircut!  His tiny frame!  Did he find another subway performing artist group to join?  Why am I attracted to him?  So many questionssss.

5. Animal Hospital
Okay… so traditionally, the last SNL sketch of the night is usually pretty terrible. And this one wasn't remarkable in any specific way.  But Josh Hutcherson's effeminate Southern accent and the way Cecily Strong just totally nailed whatever character she was going for… I don't know, I just loved it.  Dead pets are funny, right?

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