Watching Josh Hutcherson Make A Cancer Patient’s Dream Come True Will Make You So Very Happy

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Josh Hutcherson meets Caitlin Stewart Good Morning America

Look, I would never ever in a million years say I'm on Catching Fire cast overload. I'm more excited for this movie than I've been for anything else in my entire life. Including the day I got my braces off. For the second time. Buuuutt, with that said. There's a lot of Catching Fire stuff on the interweb right now and it's hard to separate the good stuff from the great stuff. Which is a shame, because as we know, there's TONS of great stuff. Such as this video of Josh Hutcherson meeting a fan. And not just any fan — Caitlin Stewart, a 14-year-old cancer patient in remission who credits Josh with helping her fight the disease. Considering that his adorable little face has gotten me through a bad day before, I completely get where she's coming from. There's just something about him that reminds you that the world's a good place. He's like the human equivalent of seeing a puppy in pajamas.

The fine folks at Good Morning America teamed up with Make-A-Wish to help Caitlin meet Josh in person. And they did it in a way that will warm your heart. And if possible, fall even more in love with Josh.

(GIF: Tumblr)