Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter Stephanie Bongiovi Arrested After Alleged Heroin Overdose At College

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Stephanie Rose Bongiovi Jon Bon Jovi daughter heroin overdose arrested Hamilton College

It's unfortunate that the first we're hearing about Jon Bon Jovi‘s daughter Stephanie Rose Bongiovi, it's when she was reported to have allegedly overdosed on heroin. According to TMZ, 19-year-old Stephanie was found unresponsive in her dorm room at Hamilton College (in upstate New York) around 2 a.m. this morning. Thankfully, she's OK. In fact, she's so OK that she got arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Until this news story, I didn't know much about Bon Jovi's four kids (with wife Dorothea Hurley) because they seem to have stayed out of the spotlight unlike other rock star offspring. The most recent photo of the family I could find — Stephanie is the second from the left — is from 2011. Stephanie seems to have a Twitter, but the tweets are protected. Judging from the chain of events, I assume she did this pre-overdose. And yet, she has only 181 followers, so it's not as if people really knew who she was. Unfortunately, the daughter of a celebrity who seemed to be looking for a life out of the spotlight will now undergo a lot of scrutiny.

Like we said, she's being charged with several misdemeanors after cops found traces of heroin, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia in her dorm room. They also arrested another student — People identifies him as Ian S. Grant — will probably also be charged. Hamilton College stressed that they value the safety of their students first, but also clarified that “in addition to violating state law, the actions alleged to have been committed by the students violate Hamilton College policy.”

Stephanie was eventually released from police custody and ordered to appear in court at a future date. There's also been no official statement, over Twitter or otherwise, from her dad.

Update: What Stephanie's charges could mean in terms of expulsion and/or jail time.

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