John Boehner’s Name Makes Him Inevitable Candidate For Next Sex Scandal

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John Boehner s Name Makes Him Inevitable Candidate For Next Sex Scandal c Conason John Boehner 280x186 jpgYesterday, Maureen O’Connor over at Gawker had one of the biggest stories in the site’s nine year history. The young reporter broke the news of Congressman Christopher Lee‘s Craigslist sex ads, which lead to Lee’s resignation in a record-breaking 3 hours. We’re blaming it on the Gawker redesign.

But we’ve been hearing rumors (unverified ones, to be sure), that in light of this very public media takedown, Speaker of the House John Boehner is going to reveal today that he’s had some sort of marital infidelity as well. If Boehner was having an affair, he might be running scared right now that the next outed politician would be him.

The fact is, even if there isn’t a sex scandal about John Boehner, the media will create one. The New York Post’s headlines alone would be worth it. “Boehner’s Boner” it could read. Or “John Boehner Has Something In His Pocket And He’s Not Just Happy To See You.” Well, we can workshop that one. But you see our point.

So please, John Boehner, do us this favor and start having an affair, if you haven’t already. Our headlines will thank you.