Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: Jimmy Kimmel Presents ‘The Baby Bachelor’

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Jimmy Kimmel The Baby Bachelor parody May 2013Well, it's a Friday, so if you know me at all you know two things: A. I ate a free bagel today and B. I got almost nothing done. Like, little to no things were done. A criminally small amount of things. It's just so hard to concentrate on anything! There's hardly anyone in the office and I get hopped up on cream cheese and my cubicle mates and I start talking, and all of a sudden we have a bonafide case of the Silly Fridays and there's absolutely nothing to be done about it. I'm pretty sure it's a clinical thing, diagnosable by most doctors, and that suspicion is confirmed by the fact that celebrity publicists KNOW ABOUT IT. Did you notice how Beyonce‘s pregnancy was confirmed after 2:00pm EST on a Friday? A time at which I'm almost certain to be turned around in my swivel chair trying to cajole a coworker into going a donut run. You tricksy tricksy publicists. You're lucky I have the internet on my phone.

But now the day has ended, and the B&CC has settled into a peaceful brick in my stomach, and it's time for glad tidings and grand videos. And who better to receive one from than Jimmy Kimmel? Jimmy, wherever you came from to light up my life, please never go back there, because your videos lately have been bomb-diggity. People still say bomb-diggity, right? I hope so. It's a major part of my vernacular. This one is a parody of The Bachelor called ‘The Baby Bachelor' starring Jimmy's nephew Wesley, and I loooove it. (Although I'm starting to realize I'm also obsessed with Burning Love, so maybe Bachelor parodies are just my thing.) This video exemplifies everything that's the best about babies. You can't lose. Frankie is my favorite, obv, just being babydrunk and shuffle-dancing around, but I also laughed out loud at the line, “I wanna get the big one.” It's amazing you guys, you'll love it. Now get on home and get your diaper faces on, we're going clubbing.