‘Bring It On Down To Wrappinville’ + 4 More SNL Sketches That Had Us Laughing This Week

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Justin Timberlake Jimmy Fallon SNL 12-21-13

Last night was the SNL show everyone was shamelessly waiting for (myself included), and boy did it deliver.  That's not to say there weren't a few flubs and awkward moments (I'm looking at you, Madonna), but it had me ROTFL more than once and really, that's what Christmas SNL is all about.  There were guest stars galore last night, by the way.  It seems like Lorne and the rest of the crew really pulled out all the stops, because I'm pretty sure at one point the entire actual A-list was all on stage at the same time!  I kid, I kid.

The show opened strong with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake–who were really co-hosts tonight, just putting it out there–barely holding it together in the sketch everyone was waiting for.  These two were great to watch because they obviously have so much fun together, but I think the ladies of SNL really stole the show – watch below and I'm sure you'll agree.

1. Cold Open – Wrappinville

Poor Aidy Bryant couldn't get a word out thanks to an obnoxious audience screamer, which is a shame because I think she's the perfect person to play opposite these two in this sketch.  I think the musical numbers could have used a little more rehearsal, but the energy was so high and the audience was so excited – and who doesn't find those giant white shoes and gloves hilarious?

2. Family Feud

I could barely hold it together during this sketch, so I can't be too hard on Jimmy Fallon for doing what he does best and totally breaking.  I think he and Justin must have had some sort of pep talk before going live, so they get an A for effort for desperately trying to hold it together here.  Not to be outdone, Taran Killam‘s Ashton Kutcher, Jay Pharoah‘s Ice T, and Kate McKinnon as the “79”-able Jane Lynch are the icing on the cake for me here.

3. Barry Gibb Talk Show

The most maniacal “Barry Gibb Talk Show” I've ever seen on SNL, to be sure, but still such a great sketch – if for no other reason than the random singing and Justin Timberlake's fake British teeth.  Madonna was a good sport, though clearly very uncomfortable and nervous.  Luckily I forgot all about her random, awkward grill thing as soon as the real Barry Gibb came out.

4. (Do It On My) Twin Bed

Oh my God.  What an amazing idea for a music video, amiright?!  Mostly because I know so many girls my age who actually still live at home, and I'm always wondering how weird it must be to have sex with your boyfriend in your parents' house when you're in your late twenties.  So many Bop magazine posters, you guys. And the pics of the girls as actual teenagers? AMAZING.

5. SNL Christmas Album

Because I shamelessly love all SNL sketches that feature a slew of celebrity impersonations, I loved this “Now That's What I Call Music” sketch.  That being said, I think my favorite part was when Jimmy Fallon didn't utter a peep but did the best Harry Styles impression I've ever seen.