Jimmy Fallon Dresses His Baby Up Like A Turkey, Insert ‘I Could Just Eat Her Up’ Joke Here

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Even though Thanksgiving is over and you've likely already polished off your last sandwich made of leftovers and started transitioning out of “family time” mode, it's never too late to look at adorable celebrity babies dressed in adorably festive outfits. Enter Winnie Rose Fallon, daughter of Jimmy Fallon and tiny Instagram champion. She's already dressed up as a baby chicken for Halloween and stuck her tongue out for the camera while wearing bear ears. How could Winnie ever top herself for Thanksgiving? By wearing a turkey costume, of course.

Yesterday afternoon Jimmy shared the above photo to his Instagram account, captioning it, “Turkey.” He could have also captioned it “cute” or “precious” or “aww” or “OH MY GOD THAT BABY IS SO ADORABLE YOU GUYS.” I cannot handle those chubby cheeks or how comfy-cozy that little knitted turkey hat looks. I want to go buy one for myself in an adult size. Unfortunately I'm not the sweet little baby of a beloved talk show host and also it's not Thanksgiving anymore, so people's reactions would probably be more “Why are you wearing that?” than “Look how cute you are!”

It's okay, Winnie. I won't steal your turkey hat thunder. It's your thing, and you are totally rocking it. You're rocking it so well that I'm willing to bet hundreds of people are looking at this photo of you at this very moment and making turkey puns. “She looks good enough to eat!” they're all cooing, including E! News. “Serve her up with some cranberry sauce!” some are adding. “Look at that little butterball!” others are squealing. Some people might even be using the word “gobble.” Whoa there, let's slow down with the pun-making before we give ourselves a case of the Carrie Bradshaws. That's when you make so many puns in a short amount of time that you end up wearing an adult tutu in the middle of the afternoon. Don't let that happen to you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Winnie Rose Fallon. Be proud of yourself that your cuteness inspired seemingly rational adults to contemplate cannibalism.

(Photo: Instagram)