Of Course Jimmy Fallon Already Turned His Daughter Into A GIF

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Winnie Rose Fallon Hi Wave Jimmy FallonOh did you miss a call from your ovaries yesterday? Let me fill you in. They just called to let you know that Jimmy Fallon went from your favorite late night host to your new favorite Dada. Despite having less than a week of experience in the field of parenting, he's already proving to be an all-star. (Also, more attractive. Is anyone else suddenly into him? Yes? No? Maybe so.) During Wednesday night's show he got our biological clocks ticking with his absolutely adorable monologue about Winnie Rose Fallon — and then last night he did it again by sharing a GIF of her. That's right, a GIF!

I'm 26 and my parents still haven't shared a GIF of me. Or even a GIF. I can guarantee you that if they're reading this right now, they're racking their brains as to what a GIF could be. “Is that like a DVR?” I can already hear my mom asking herself aloud as she tries to literally puts books inside her Kindle.

And that's why Winnie's so lucky. She has one of the world's most social-media-savvy fathers out there. He has a Twitter, he has a Tumblr and he has a daily show that gives him material to tweet and tumble. I hope she's already started to thinking about what she wants to get him for Father's Day 2K14. I know, I know, she's “only” three days old. But the best gifts take some careful thought and planning. I would say that as soon she manages to roll over successfully, she should grab the keys, head to the mall and get him something special. Babies can legally drive once they can roll over, right? I overheard that once in a vivid dream I had about a Baby Geniuses/Fast and Furious crossover, so I can only assume that it's true.

You know what else is true and right and noble and bold? That Jimmy Fallon made the right decision by sharing the photos of Winnie on his own terms via Instagram and Tumblr — without making it a Kardashian-sized production. We're seeing celebrity parents do that more and more lately and it's so more refreshing to meet a baby that way, rather than in a giant manufactured magazine photo shoot. You want privacy for your kid? You really want privacy for your kid? Then take control of his/her image right away by not selling him/her out to the highest bidder.

Jimmy Fallon, you've done good! I couldn't be more excited for you and Nance and the incredibly precious Winnie. May you keep me in mind as you think about who to invite to her first birthday.

(GIF: Tumblr)