Jessie J Is A Wounded Kitty Cat

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Jessie J Is A Wounded Kitty Cat jessie4 jpg

You know what makes me sad? Kittens with teeny tiny casts on their legs. English pop star Jessie J knows this, and has decided to use it against me.

In a bid to melt her haters’ icy hearts, Jessie J has been channeling the wounded kitten look as she limps around Paris this week, rocking a spirit hood in addition to what looks like the top part of a prison jumpsuit. Jessie J is a wounded kitten who just escaped from jail! Her plan might have worked were we not smart enough to determine that she is not, in fact, a wounded widdle kitty cat, but professional over-singer Jessie J, who annoys us.

Hers is an expression that says, “look at me, I am so famous and goofy!” I’m pretty sure that French lady is not laughing with her. And is that snake print on the inside of her spirit hood’s scarf thingy? Because snakes and kittens so don’t mix.

Jessie J Is A Wounded Kitty Cat jessie2 jpg


Here is yet another French person who is visibly unimpressed by her shenanigans:
Jessie J Is A Wounded Kitty Cat jessie3 jpg

Maybe next time, leave the spirit hood wearing to Ke$ha, who is in on the joke of how ridiculous and annoying she is.