This Photo Of Jessica Simpson’s Kids In Matching Toy Cars Is So Cute It Should Be Illegal

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Jessica Simpson's kids Ace and Maxwell May 2014 Instagram

Jessica Simpson might not fully understand how pregnancy works and what you can do to prevent it, but thank the gods of beautiful babies she had these two, because they are simply too adorable to handle. We've already established that Maxwell Drew is the cutest ever, and her little brother Ace Knute is definitely following in her footsteps. What makes their cuteness even better is that Jessica is always posting photos of them to Instagram, so we can coo over them on a regular basis. Take this new photo she posted yesterday.

I mean honestly, how is something this cute even allowed to exist? I'm in physical pain right now from the cuteness. That can't be legal. To really drive home how perfect it is, Jessica captioned it “Ace and Maxi looking like twins! And yes, they share pink cars.” She says it like she can actually see us weeping in front of our computers asking how something like this is able to exist in the world. I now have a simultaneous desire to both have a baby and be a baby. Look at those cars. Was there anything better as a toddler than riding around in one of those things like Fred Flintstone and pretending to be a grown-up? The answer is no, there wasn't.

These kids really hit the cuteness jackpot. They've got the wispy blonde curls, the big innocent eyes, the supermodel pout. And oh my lordy I just realized they're wearing matching T-shirts a la Scott Disick and Kanye West. This is not okay in any way. Who told them they could be that cute? Someone should really do something about this. They must be stopped before someone gets really hurt. It is entirely possible to hurt yourself from sqeeing too much, you know. I heard about somebody once who looked at too many puppy GIFs and had to be hospitalized.

(Photo: Instagram)