Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Hair: Love It Or Hate It?

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Jennifer Love Hewitt s Hair  Love It Or Hate It  esprit 11 wenn2785364 172x200 jpgWe’re having an internal office debate about Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s new post-break up ‘do. Erin loves it, I’m not so sure. After you read our opinions, take our poll and let us know how you feel.

Me: I get it. You break up with a guy, you want to change your look. But chopping your wavy hair into an above-the-shoulder-length bob so that it creates the phenomenon I call “triangle head” is just unacceptable. J-Love: you are a celeb who has access to any number of high-priced stylists and hair dressers. This is the best your C-list money can buy? From the looks of it, we have very similar hair types. But my whole life, I have gone to major lengths to avoid triangle head. I have learned over the years to ask stylists to give me cuts with fewer layers, so that when my hair grows out it doesn’t bulk up in that area between my ears and my shoulders at any hint of humidity. And, when necessary, I use a straightener, preferring that look over something wavy and large. Yet, J-Love has taken on the triangle head look voluntarily. Being someone who has looked on in horror as my own hair has taken on this shape, I must disagree with this particular hair choice.

Erin: Stop hating, Amanda! You are projecting your personal triangle-head issues onto a woman in pain. While J-Love could have rebounded from a major breakup by getting tacky extensions, poorly imagined bangs or Cassie’s side-shave, what she has done is pulled an Anne Hathaway and gotten a supercute, post-breakup bouncy “lob.” So it’s a little Dynasty or Texas-y, but at least it’s styled. And really sexy too. With cuts like this, you can go sleek or curly, and either way looks great. Christina Applegate kicked off this trend a few years ago — and J-Love, always a little behind the trends, is headed in the right direction. Or at least a more modern one — triangle head or not.

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