How Did We All Let Our Best Friend Jennifer Lawrence Leave The House In This Dress?

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Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games Catching Fire Los Angeles Premiere sheer dress November 2013

We've all been imaginary best friends with Jennifer Lawrence for a while now, so I feel like we've reached the point in our relationship with her where we can take her aside and be real with her about what she's wearing. Except for you over there. You're too new to the game for that. But the rest of us can totally sit her down in our heads and say, “Jennifer, J.Law, Jen, BFF, light of my life, angel on earth, you can't wear that out of the house today. Go pick out another Dior Haute Couture gown and try that one. I don't know if you know this, but everyone can see through this one.”

I've now come to the realization that this dress J.Law wore to the Los Angeles premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire last night was actually supposed to be that sheer. Ugh, fashion, am I right? But just because something's supposed to be a certain way doesn't mean that it should be. Just because I'm supposed to eat the cake one slice at a time doesn't mean I should.

I think J.Law has been looking pretty great lately, and her new pixie cut is making even pixies jealous. But I just can't get behind this look. From the waist up I'm into it, but then my eyes reach the skirt part and it just looks like she forgot to wear a slip. I like the old-fashioned Taylor Swift bathing suit that she's wearing underneath there in theory, but I don't think her legs necessarily need a view of the red carpet. They're lovely legs, and it's very nice of her to let them peek through and glimpse all the hubbub around them, but I think they would be just as content under opaque fabric.

It kind of reminds me of a sheer little dress Kristen Stewart accessorized with a grimace at the Breaking Dawn, Part 2 premiere last year. But as far as I know Jennifer Lawrence isn't working on a PR stunt, so this seems like the wrong occasion for this look.

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