Please Enjoy This Video Of Katniss Everdeen Killing Every Single Fictional Character Ever

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Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen with her bow and arrow Hunger Games 2012If there's one complaint I have about Jennifer Lawrence, it's that she doesn't do enough crossover work. She creates a role and then she just keeps it in the same movie the whole time. I mean, she was nominated for an Oscar for Winter's Bone and won one for Silver Linings Playbook, and yet we never saw those characters ever again. What the eff, Jennifer? Why haven't you been photobombing movies? You have the clout, you can pretty much walk into any and every project you want.

Starting…now. J-Law's Hunger Games character Katniss Everdeen is super great at archery, right? And there are a lot of fictional characters in TV and  movies who need to die bow and arrow-related deaths, right? So why not combine those two things, like this extremely clever supercut did? Release Katniss into the fictional world to pick off people with her superior marksmanship. How else is she supposed to stay sharp in between Hunger Games? Catching Fire doesn't come out for another eleven days.

No but all joking aside, a YouTube channel called ‘Official Comedy' has taken the time to edit together a bunch of clips of Jennifer Lawrence shooting her bow in the Hunger Games movie and cut them with scenes of people in other movies getting…well, murdered with an arrow. It's pretty gruesome and gory and even contains scenes from Game Of ThronesRed Wedding, but it's definitely worth a watch, if only to see J-Law roll her eyes at Wesley's antics in Princess Bride and her brush with death with a Navi from Avatar.

Bottom line, it's super dee duper clever, and I wish I'd though of it myself. Enjoy.